This is my main travel page

The purpose of this page is to show other imbeciles that:
- I can use tables in my documents
- I have travelled to some places in the neighbourhood
- I have my own opinions on certain matters (although it conforms to that of everyone else :-) )
- I have a lot of free time
- and I love to waste it.

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Travel in Asia

 It seems that Asia is the place to go to 
for a holiday. It is still possible to find nice, 
unpolluted and almost deserted beaches here, the 
people are kinder than, say, Europe, and, on ave-
rage, it is cheaper than most other places you can 
visit, especially if you happen to live around. 
Besides, even going to a dirty, crowded and
noisy city (it seems all big cities here are like 
that) can be a thrill, although for a day or two only.


I have been living in Taipei since December, 1993. 
I shall admit that I hated the place at the beginning,
and I am not absolutely fond of it even now. But a
short trip to the island could be real fun. 

For general information refer to the  Master Tw site. 
For places to go to, see below. Have a nice time on the

In Taipei:
	- Visit the night markets, if they don't make you a bit sick,
	  then nothing will. There are two or three that 
	  are big -- Shi Lin (士林) is probably the biggest.
	- If you want to try Chinese cuisine in a traditional
	  setting (noise, crowds, stink and other externalities),
	  try the Gong Guan (公館) area near the National Taiwan
	  University main campus.

	- For stairclimbers there is Xiang Shan (象山) -- a hill
	  near the World Trade Center with a nice view of the city.
	  (Take a bus to Hsin Yi Rd. sec. 5). Here is a  picture.
	- If you are risk-lover, you can take the Rapid Transit train
	  to Mu-Cha (木柵) and visit the Zoo. Again, not on Saturday or
	  Sunday, especially if the weather is nice. 

Around Taipei:
	- Ji Long (基隆) 
	  nice, dirty, stinky, noisy market, excellent
	  nigiri there!

	- Wu Lai (烏來)  
	  go there during the week. Nice scenery, not many
	  people, an aboriginal village with  weird statues; 
	  take the road 9 jia up the hill from Wu Lai if you 
	  are driving.

	- Liu Fu Cun (六福村) 
	  go there during the week; the only amusement park
	  in Taiwan, it seems. Not very interesting, but 
	  better than nothing.

	- Yang Ming Shan (陽明山)
	  you can sometimes see the whole of the North coast
	  from the mountain. If you go there, take the hiking
	  tracks and forget about the "national park" and the
	  "nature park." Here is a  view. 

	- Jin Shan (金山)
	  nice beach, about 40 minutes on a bike from Taipei.
	  Take the road via Yang Ming Shan, and be sure to 
	  stay away from the two nuke stations that are on the

	- Zhu Wei (竹圍)
	  nice seafood market -- the place to watch sunsets if
	  you find them amusing. Take road No. 2 to Tan Shui (淡水)
	  and then take road No. 15. Turn right at the fork to
	  the International Airport.
The rest of the island

	- Kenting (墾丁) 
	  This is the beach in Taiwan. Unfortunately, the government
	  has built a power station just next to it. Well, nothing
	  is perfect. The National Park is also a nice place to go,
	  especially on a scooter at night. Drive with your lights

	- Tou Cheng (頭城)
	  Is located to the East of Taipei. Take road No. 9 from
	  Hsin Tien (新店) and go all the way to the sea. Nice beach,
	  but bring your own food. 

	- Hua Lian (花蓮) 
	  Althoug most of the Taiwanese will tell you it is a must 
	  see, Hua Lian is actually quite a bore. Taroko valley (some
	  30 km to the North) is a nice contrast to the city, as
	  is a small lake to the South-West. 
When I went to Malaysia for the first time it was to 
make a plane transfer. But what I saw from the plane
was impressive -- a bunch of islands, beaches visible
from an altitude of 10 km, little development. So,
I decided to check it up from the ground. It was not
bad, not bad at all!

For official information check this   link.  For my opinion,
read below:
Penang, Penang, Penang ...

	- Batu Ferringi -- the beach. If you  go to Penang,
	  don't look for a place to stay in town, go straight
	  to the beach (a bus from the central station will
	  take you there for half an hour) and rent a bungalow
	- Places to eat: check out all those small Indian diners
	  scattered along the main street, around the Oriental hotel.
	  Excellent. The two Thai restaurants I went to were good,
	  too. The Chinese food was also quite good. 

	- Places to see: grab a map at the airport. All are interesting.
	  Still, the main point, the key point, the strong point of
	  Penang is Batu Ferringi. The Beach!

Kuala Lumpur

	- You take a taxi, the bus or a pick up at the airport. You get
	  downtown KL. The next thing to do is get on a BAS Mini and 
	  go up north. Once you pass the Sogo (the collosal Japanese 
	  department store), you can start looking for a hotel. I found
	  that what's offered in the China town, close to the train station
	  is more expensive and poorer in quality than what's offered 
	  in the Northern part of KL

	- You go and see: the gardens (the Bird, Butterfly, Orchid and
	  Deer gardens), the mosques, the train station, the Puduraya
	  Bus Station (it's worse than in Hell, especially on weekends --
	  the experience is unforgettable), take a Bas Mini, stroll the
	  Malaysian Street Market and, if you have the time and energy,
	  take a look at the Chinatown, too. 

	- Things to eat -- Indian, Malai, Arab restaurants are all fun.
	  I don't recommend the Chinese, though. Food was acceptable, but
	  the way it was served to us was not, at least in the few Chinese
	  diners we tried. 

Kobe (神戶)

	- Why Kobe of all places in Japan, you may ask. Well, cuz
	  it is where my girlfriend happens to live. Then, it is
	  a nice, quiet city, clean despite lots of construction
	  work following the  quake  in 1995 and full of nice candy
	- The part of the city I like best? Well, of course, the 
	  suburb Tsukimiyama (watch-the-moon mountain). Here is a
	   view  of what it looks like - well, a nice suburb, 
	  that's all. 

	- The fun is not in but near Tsukimiyama - a big marine 
	  life park, a park on the top of a hill with a ropeway
	  up and paths for the walkers.

	- What else to see in Kobe? The Sorakuen, a nice garden,
	  near the station of Motomachi, the amusement park on 
	  the Port Island, the Tanaka carpentry museum. Then
	  the many restaurants in the Sannomya (三宮) area.  


	- Kyoto is the famous old Japanese capital, but Nara was
	  the second capital of Japan. In and around this peaceful
	  small town are several places which display ancient 
	  Japanese temples with the additional advantage of all 
	  the crowds going to Kyoto. A must see. 

 Kyoto  (京都)  

	- Way too crowded for my taste. However there are many
	  beautiful things to see there. 

 Osaka  (大阪)  

	- Not much better than Taipei, I'd say. Big, overpopulated,
	  stiffling. Stay away. Japanese say there are some good shops,
	  but if you go to Holland, the prices are better, and so is
	  the quality. :-)

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